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Penance (Commission Edition/See Description Below)
I had a point commission done by ILoveSomeThings for Penance and this was the end Result. It turned out absolutely amazing! This is the original:…

I highly suggest you guys check him out his work! Here is a link to his…

Update: I want to stress out that while he's this is my OC I did not do the art for him. That honor again belongs to ILoveSomeThings. Go check out his stuff it's amazing!
Pony Adopts I Got
I adopted these two from here:…

Got them from WandaAdopts, who can be found

I may or may not resell the unicorn, still debating
Narrator: Many people enjoy April Fools' Day. It brings them great joy and makes some even go "hooray!" It allows people, whether content creators or just regular folk, to be as creative as can be. They make jokes and/or videos with the utmost glee. Pranks, gags, fake outs, videos, and jokes were all on full display. Humor of all kinds like to appear on this day. Yes, there are many who like April Fools' a lot....But the King of his own little world who sat in his room did not.

[We see King sitting in his room, looking grumpy]

Narrator: He hated April Fools'! The whole entire day! Please don't ask why -- we're not sure what source of madness is at play. It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right. Or perhaps it could be that his slippers were a little too tight. But I think the most likely reason of all was that his funny bone was just two sizes too small.

[King gets up and walks over to his laptop, the content playing on the screen is an April Fools' related video that only soured his mood more]

Narrator: But, whatever the reason, whichever you may choose, this King stayed in his room just wishing he had a bottle of booze. Staring down at his laptop with a distasteful frown, he never got what pleased all the people in town.

King: Can't they all see—

Narrator: ...said King.

King: ...that this day is nothing but crap? It's just one giant "joke" filled trap! Every single time this day rolls around, April Fools' videos are uploaded at what feels like the spread of sound. Fake news and hoaxes appear upon social media at a rapid fire pace, almost as if it were like everyone was in some kind of joke posting race. No one is safe, whether it's on the internet or the world outside. When it comes to April Fools' Day, there's no place to hide

[King paces his room, trying to understand this "holiday"]

King: I don't get the fun and I don't get the cheer. If anything I'd think this day would fill everyone with fear. For whether it is done willingly or done because of a dare, this is a day where assholes and pricks run amok without care. Why content creators indulge so much in this I have no clue, shouldn't they know by now that on this day everyone expects nothing to be true? Some argue that they're just trying to be creative, funny, and/or fun. But as soon as I realize it's just for a joke I stop and shout "I'm done!" It's a day that makes you feel uneasy and makes you feel that you need to distrust. A day that does that to someone just for "fun" sounds more like a bust.

Narrator: And King, with his annoyance continuing to grow. Stood puzzling and puzzling.

King: How can it be so?

[King sits back on his bed]

King: It's a day that celebrates saying whatever sounds crass, a day that gives people the chance to harass. It's a day where people use all their brain power and skills as a tool, just so they can make someone else feel like a fool. So what is it, what is it about today? That makes others believe is just one giant day of play?

Narrator: He puzzled and he puzzled til his puzzler was sore.

[King scrolls down the videos to look at the comments section. As he looks he notices some of the commenters are mentioning that this video really brightened their day and how funny as well as clever it is]

Narrator: Then King thought of something he hadn't before.

King: *Sighs* Okay maybe I'm being a little too mean. I don't get the appeal but that doesn't make the holiday obscene. Just because I hate something doesn't mean others should. I could share, not force, my opinion like others would. For it's all our different outlooks that makes us who we are and, in a way, makes us our own special little star.

[King finds another video that, while still being considered an April Fools joke, is still a good video]

King: And I probably shouldn't focus so much on the bad and on the worst. Plenty of people on April Fools' Day come up with posts and videos filled with so much humor and cleverness it could, at any second, burst. I may not like this day, that I willingly declare. But saying everything about it is awful just isn't fair. So if you like this day and think it's grand then that's perfectly fine. If you consider this one of your favorite holidays then that's simply divine! So please don't let me or this post get you down. Go enjoy a day that relishes and welcomes you to be a clown. I can't think of anymore rhymes, I don't have much more to say. So I'll finish this post with  best wishes on this April Fools' Day!

(AN: Yeah I'm not too crazy abou April Fools' Day. Never liked it, never will. But if you like it then don't let me stop you. By all means enjoy XP)


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